Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
We are glad to put 2007 behind us and forge ahead to whatever 2008 will bring. Looking back, we recognize the burdens we had to carry but also realize how very blessed we have been. True friendship was never failing, faith grew even stronger, healing was at its very best.

Gordon will have surgery on January 7 to determine what is happening in his abdomen. We will deal with it, no matter what it is, but of course we are praying for a benign insignificance.

Lucas will have a CT scan soon to check out a curiosity that has appeared on his recent chest xrays.

Sonja begins her chemotherapy treatments on Friday, 1/4.

I hope to post more news about knitting and quilting very soon. And did you know?? My son David gave me a Dell for Christmas! I had forgotten how fast computing can be! Maybe I can post more often now that I have some memory and speed.

How was your Christmas? What are you doing for the New Year? Any resolutions? Fill me in.

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