Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

My son, David, ordered this cake for me--said it was the best picture he could find on short notice! Ha! I think he inherited my sense of humor, don't you?

My Ravelry friends sent me well wishes with special postings--aren't they the greatest?

Sonja (you can read about her earlier on this blogsite) threw a big dinner party for me, pulling out all the stops--and all her energy--to make sure I had a good time. Isn't she the greatest? To update you on Sonja-she's finished with her chemotherapy and ready to start radiation next Thursday. BTW, in case you forgot, Sonja made the PJ's I'm wearing in the photo.

Quilting continues to take up huge blocks of my time these days. One for the grandson who graduates from high school this year is at the long-arm quilting machine now, one for the "unofficially adopted daughter" is also at the long-arm. The top for my very special "Mystery Quilt" is finished, and I'm contemplating quilting it myself. Now, besides those projects, the Lake Norman Piecemakers have finished 98 quilts for the Blackfeet Indians in Montana! We set a goal of 100 quilts, and we're going to make that plus some! I'm so grateful that God has blessed this mission. We had some help from the Lincolnton Quilters Guild, and every single Piecemaker has contributed to this project. All the quilts will be displayed in the sanctuary at DUMC on Sunday, June 15, for a special blessing before they are sent to Montana.

When my hands are not cutting, measuring, sewing or pressing pieces of fabric, they are knitting. I'm almost finished with the Bettna Jacket, which I'm teaching this month at Baskets of Yarn
and I'm making lots of progress on my Stash Jacket (Grandmother of the Groom Jacket) that I plan to wear in August in Chicago. Being the "process knitter" that I am, I couldn't wait to start 2 more projects, too--both of them are lace. I'll be posting pictures of those on my Ravelry pages soon.

My granddaughter, Jessica, tells me she reads my blog every day. Wow! That really makes me accountable for posting news here so she's not wasting her time. Jessica is my gem, and someone more special to me than she'll ever know. I treasure every minute I ever get to spend with her.

I'll write more about grandchildren tomorrow.

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Jessica said...

I love you Margaret:)