Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Is Upon Us

It's that wonderful time of year--cool evenings and mornings with sunshine and warmth in the afternoon. The kind of days you want to spend outdoors every single minute. Open the windows, air out the stuffy house, pull out all that luscious wool and sort the sweater patterns. And, if you're like me, get to the quilting stage on that unfinished quilt top!

I managed to 'sandwich' 2 quilt tops last week that I intend to get quilted very soon. One of them I plan to take with me on my "Beech Mountain Quilting Retreat" the first week of October, the other is a gift for my youngest son that I hope to give him for Christmas.

I've also started a very special project that I've been mulling over for months: Knitters' Tote Bags. They are just starting in the production stage of the cycle, having been in the concept and design stages for far too long. You'll see them first at SAFF in Sue Dial's booth (look for Clay Cat/Harvest Moon Handspun booth) and hopefully after that at Baskets of Yarn in Charlotte and the Winter Knitting Retreat in Boone, NC, next March. For a better peak, click on the small photos and they'll pop up larger in a new window.

Soccer goes on, and on. Four games this week with no end in sight. I look forward to November for so many reasons: spending less $ on gasoline is just one of them. Cooler temperatures, knitting by the fireplace, cooking stews and soups for dinner, electing a new president, and spending Thanksgiving with my family are more reasons, and not necessarily in that order.

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