Friday, February 27, 2009

More Excitement!

Isn't life grand? There's never a dull moment, and if I ever think for one second that things are getting monotonous or boring--well, that's when God surprises me with something spectacular! He is awesome, isn't He?

Our news is that we're having a wedding in the family!! My son, David, has found the love of his life in Ashley, and they are to be married on May 2. That's not a lot of time to plan a big wedding, but somehow it's getting done. Ashley is an amazing young woman, and David is blessed to have found her--and we are blessed to add her to our family. We wish them all the best and pray that God will bless their union.

In addition to that "little tidbit" I am packing for the 2009 Winter Retreat in Boone next week. Printing patterns, making up notebooks, knitting swatches and samples, making list after list after list--where did I put those dpn's?? and what did I do with that black yarn I was going to make into.....??? Here's one of the technique classes I'll be teaching. We'll be adding beads to our knitting. And here is a block I've knitted for one of the charity projects at the Retreat: And here's one of the blocks from the Great American Aran Afghan, a big project at the Retreat:
and here's another block from the GAAA:
I plan to take many pictures to post when I return. I hope to see you there next week!

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