Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 Winter Knitting Retreat

Baby, oh baby!

What a great time we had in Boone this year at the 2009 Winter Knitting Retreat sponsored by Baskets of Yarn from Charlotte, NC.

While there were classes galore, the only time I had to snap photos was during dinner in the evenings, so my photos are fairly specific to that time of day.

We had some new teachers this time: Tricia Fagley, Patty Frame, and Glenda Tennis; and some who returned from years past: Lisa Kartus, Laura Guinan, Sue Dial, Betsey and me. There were classes to knit sweaters, afghans, hand warmers, and shawls; and there were classes to learn how to crochet a scarf and the old standby Granny Square, as well as a class to knit two socks at the same time starting with the toes! Polymer Clay classes were a huge hit (Sue even offered an extra class because so many people were excited about it!), as was the spinning class.

The Alumni Suite at the Broyhill Inn was the home of the Baskets of Yarn hospitality suite, where the knitters could always find a skein of something warm and yummy to fondle (and usually a beverage of some sort) and congregate with old and new friends. The weather warmed more and more each day until by Saturday the knitters wanted to sit outdoors and knit while they "caught some rays" and enjoyed the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A few knitters had to lather on some sunburn cream that evening and the next day.

Annual Pajama Party night on Friday brought out the creativity in several knitters. We even viewed knitting needles with lights in one person's costume! It's amazing how inspired knitters are when it comes to "dressing for the occasion"!

My favorite part of the weekend was the Sunday night pajama party, which started with a full-body massage for those who stayed the extra night. What a treat!

Baby Liza let her presence be known all during the retreat weekend, be it laughter or insisting that she be fed (as babies often do). She was so adorable, no one could resist her engaging smile. And it was fun to welcome Maisie during her short visit. She was very glad to see her mommy!

Seeing our favorite people from last year and meeting new friends is always an experience we can't forget. Laughing and crying together every day (sometimes the crying was just laughing so hard it brought tears to our eyes) made our memories even more special. Each year has its own special moments, and I always wonder if this year will be as much fun as last year was...and it never disappoints.

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Trish said...

Great pictures, and we had a grand time didn't we!?