Wednesday, June 3, 2009


What a wedding it was! Beautiful down to the very finest detail! And the bride was gorgeous and gushing; the groom was very handsome indeed!
I don't have access to photos yet, but will post some as soon as I can. The happy couple has returned safely from their honeymoon in the Caymen Islands, and things are settling down for them as they adjust to living together in one house while trying to sell another. Even the cat is adjusting!

And now it's time to concentrate on the new baby. We are traveling east today to help with the delivery and assembly of some furniture for the baby's room. How exciting! And we are planning a small baby shower on Saturday, June 13, here at the lake house. The new mommy and daddy are interviewing and touring possible day care facilities--boohoo! Oh that we lived close enough to take care of her ourselves! My heart breaks to think about a stranger holding and cuddling with my new granddaughter. Such is life...

Our other son David, graduated from Duke Divinity the weekend following the wedding. We are so proud! He will remain in Eli Whitney, NC, at Concord UMC as their pastor. He and Kim are very happy there and the congregation is pleased to be able to keep him for awhile longer.

More to come....

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