Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Knitting Retreat 2011

Just returned from a week-long visit with my parents in southeastern Oklahoma.  My dear sister Judy who lives in California met me in Dallas and we drove together for the last leg of the trip.  It was indeed a wonderful experience, full of wonder and miracles--yes MIRACLES!  I witnessed my sister praying for relief of my mother's chronic and persistent pain and I witnessed it LEAVING!  I even experienced my own miracles this week.  God is awesome!

Baskets of Yarn's annual winter retreat begins next week.  Classes and projects abound!  Here are a few of the projects that will be shared and taught in Asheville, NC.

Stained Glass Triangular Shawl

Shipwreck Shawl

Shipwreck detail

In addition to these, there will be beautiful lace sweaters, scarf projects, socks and several technique classes.  Baskets of Yarn will have a condensed version of the store set up in the hotel for anyone who feels the need for fiber, needles, books, or patterns.  Other activities to look forward to are the traditional pajama party, yarn tasting, and late-night knitting with long-lost friends.

Meet the newest member of the King Family:  Ringo!


He's about 3 months old, black Labrador and Mastiff mix, cute as a button.  He will go into obedience training as soon as he has his second round of shots.  He weighs about 6 pounds now, but we expect him to reach 100# by adulthood.

And here are some of the latest pictures of Lindley (I knew you'd want to see these).  She is growing like a weed, getting smarter every minute and cuter every day.

Lindley is taking "golfing lessons" from her grandpa "Ga".

She gets as frustrated as "Ga" when she misses the shot.

She loves to tease "Mimi" (takes after her daddy on that one).

 I'll try to update this after the Winter Retreat.  Hope your spring is eternal!

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