Thursday, November 8, 2007

The scariest thing you'll ever hear

is, "you have cancer."

It makes your heart stop beating. Life comes to a standstill. You can't breathe. Nothing will ever seem "normal" again.

We have been touched by cancer this year in a most intimate way. The great love of my life, my dear husband was diagnosed with 3 kinds of cancer earlier this year. Life, as we knew it, changed forevermore. He is doing very well, excellent, in fact. He has had 3 surgeries and several 'procedures' that have not just treated his diseases, but have cured them. One of his cancers is still being treated, but we have every reason to believe it will disappear. But, we don't give credit for his good fortune to the medical industry alone. PRAYER is the medicine that worked best. We praise God for His wisdom and mercy and know in our hearts that He alone is responsible for the healing of Gordon's body.

Once again we have been touched by cancer. My good friend, Sonja, has breast cancer. She will enter the hospital tomorrow for a mastectomy, to be followed by 12 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by 6 or 7 weeks of radiation treatments, and finally she will receive 5 years of hormone therapy. At first, of course, she was devastated, as were all the friends who love and depend on her so very much. But now as she stands at the threshold of surgery and treatment she is courageous, confident, even feisty! PRAYER is the medicine that works best! I am asking everyone I know to pray for Sonja's complete healing. We can see and feel the Holy Spirit working.

Of course the Lake Norman Piecemakers had a very special Prayer Quilt for Sonja. While the quilt was on the altar there were crowds of people waiting to pray and tie knots in her Prayer Quilt. No one seemed to notice the quilt was covered with very bare, pudgy bikini-clad women! She does, of course, love the quilt!

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