Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter 2008, Orlando

Easter Sunday of 2008 was a day I'll never forget. After 2 full years, I was finally able to deliver quilts to Adam and Jason that were made from their mother's fabrics. Even though the quilts were finished last year at Easter, we couldn't make the trip to Orlando because Gordon had just had his first surgery on his leg and could not travel in a car for that long and he was not allowed to fly. Now that he is better and can travel, we were able to fly to Orlando for spring break and I took the quilts with me. You see, the presentation had to be done "in person" because I had to tell them the story of how their mother, Judy, had told me what to do with her fabrics. I had to tell them that the king-size quilts would hug them, keep them warm, and comfort them like she used to. Their reactions to the quilts when they opened them up was as perfect as any quilter could expect: their eyes lit up with memories they didn't even know they had, "I remember that shirt!" "I remember those shorts!" "I remember when Mom was making something with that fabric!" The longer they looked, the more memories they shared. They even started to remember things about their mother that didn't have anything to do with the quilt fabrics, but still were loving experiences for both of them. There were laughs, giggles, and even tears as they remembered their mother and her love for them. Now I know it was meant for their gifts to wait another year before giving them. It gave Jason and Adam another year to heal and recover from their grief and be in a better place to receive their mother's gifts. I was blessed to have a been a part of it.Of course, being in Orlando with our son, Cory, and his family meant spending Easter with his entire extended family, which meant lots of food, egg hunts, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, grandparents...they are such a loving, caring, generous family, and Cory is truly blessed to be a part of it. They always make us feel so special when we visit. The family is growing by leaps and bounds! Seems like every time we visit now there's another baby, or one on the way.

I hope your Easter was a blessed as ours.

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