Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Farewell to one of my "best friends"

It has been a week (yesterday) since we lost our beloved pet coon hound, Liberty. If you knew her, you know she loved you. She was large (over 85 lbs.), loud (loved to bark at the birds high up in the sky), clumsy (tripped over her ears until she finally grew into them), and affectionate (she gave the best hugs ever! We "rescued" her from the side of a busy intersection when she was just a pup, on September 11, 2003. She had been neglected, abused, and starved. She quickly recovered and claimed us as her family, trusted us to always be here for her. She quickly found her way into our hearts, though she never lost that drive to dig holes in the yard, bury her "toys", and visit the neighbors. She was scared of thunder and would tremble at the sound, even when it was so far away we couldn't hear it. We lost her in the worst way imaginable, under the wheels of my car as I was driving. An experience I'll never forget, and one I can't seem yet to get past. Goodbye, Pretty Girl. You took care of us, guarded us, protected us, and loved us unconditionally. You tried to teach us all those lessons. You certainly defined "unconditional love." We'll miss you.

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