Thursday, August 13, 2009

A baby is coming!!!

It's only weeks or even days before the arrival of our new granddaughter, Lindley Marie Rose. Isn't that just the most beautiful name? Just rolls off your tongue, Lindley Marie. I wonder what she'll be called? Her father called me this morning to report that she weighs 7 lbs. 12 ozs. ( in the womb) and will gain 1/2 lb. each week before she is born. With her due date still 3 weeks away, she's liable to rival her daddy's birthweight when she arrives.

The excitement is building! A shower will be held on Saturday in Graham at the home of David & Kim King, son & daughter-in-law. I hope to sneak a peak at the decorated nursery on Friday and maybe make a trip to the hospital in Raleigh where Lindley will be born. It will be a "trial run" before the actual event.

While the new parents are busy nesting and resting (while they have a chance), I'm knitting and sewing up a storm. I told someone that I've been preparing for the birth of this little girl all my life! It's so true. After bearing 3 sons myself and marrying into a family dominated by males, and even having 3 granddaughters that were already walking and talking , it's a gift to have a newborn baby girl join the family! Here is a sweater I knitted in a little little larger size so she can wear it next winter (2010):

This is a small "lovey" blanket for her to squeeze next to her face as she falls asleep for naps:
It's made with the Plymouth Yarn "Poppin" and looks like a string of pom poms. It was interesting to knit with, and I love the texture that results!

While making a special tote bag for Ashley to use as a diaper bag, I wondered if David would carry a feminine pink and brown diaper bag, which is what Ashley requested for herself. I didn't think he would, so while I was making her bag I decided to make him his very own. I call them their "His & Hers" diaper bags. Ashley's has an "R" monogrammed on one side and a rose on the other. I think they turned out great. What do you think?


Cullie Chats said...

the bags are awesome

Quilter300 said...

Thanks. They were a big hit!