Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is my face red?

Yesterday I told you I was going to see "Dancing with the Stars" with Robbin. Well, after numerous discussions AND emails about this AND riding all the way to Charlotte AND parking AND walking to the Bobcats Arena AND buying my ticket (!) I found out I wasn't seeing "Dancing with the Stars" at all, but instead was seeing "So You Think You Can Dance"! For those of you who are fans of either show, you definitely will know the difference. And so do I, but I was so ready to hear Robbin say, "Dancing with the Stars" that my mind just shut down and actually did hear that instead of the truth--have you ever had a conversation with a teenager? It's kind of like that. Anyway, the night was delightful. Uptown Charlotte was delightful. The weather was delightful. And the show was terrific! (See there? I do know a few more adjectives.) The dancers were amazing--where do they get all that energy? I think my favorite would have to be Dominic, the break dancer. And it was great fun spending an evening with Robbin. We made a game out of counting the people in the crowd who might have been older than we were.....

DH Gordon has a CT scan today to follow those little radiation seed implants that he received on 9/19.

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