Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a weekend!

It was 3 of the busiest days of the year. Diane and I left very early Friday morning to get to Asheville in time for her first class at SAFF . Diane made the "Madeline Hat" with Chad Alice Hagen (and it was the cutest!) all day on Friday.
I took a Beginning Spinning class in the afternoon. I can now declare, "I can spin." But I also know that I am NOT a "spinner."It was a great class with great instruction and some individual attention by the teacher and her helpers. It took the class and some real soul searching for me to realize that I will never be a spinner. I would rather use the time to knit than spin. Oh well, in the grand scheme of things it wasn't a huge disappointment. I know now that I just cannot do EVERYTHING--as much as I try.

Diane and I took a class together on Saturday afternoon, "Beaded Bag", which was a beautiful evening bag. It was knitted and had Size 6 beads all over it. But the coolest thing about it was the beads were not pre-strung! We learned a really neat technique from Judy Pascale that allows the knitter to add beads as the project is knitted. It's really great not having to slide beads across the yarn for yards and yards and yards.

Our last class was Sunday afternoon, "Airy Fairy Scarf", taught by Chad Alice Hagen, a wet-felted scarf made with wool roving, lots of water, and an equal amount of elbow grease. We had so much fun making these that we ran right out after the class to purchase more wool roving so we can make a few more scarves for our friends.

I'll add more about this weekend after I watch "Dancing with the Stars."

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