Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let me introduce you to the Lake Norman Piecemakers

Lake Norman Piecemakers are among my favorite people in the world! Primarily they are a chapter of Prayers & Squares which is an organization formed for the purpose of making prayer quilts for people in need of prayer. People need prayer for a multitude of reasons: sickness, death of a loved one, impending surgery, marital problems, child-rearing issues, just to name a few. This group of quilters donates their time, talents and often their own fabric and other materials to fill that need. They tirelessly devote Wednesdays (and often more days every week) to this special ministry, to offer up prayers for those of us who need them. The finished quilts are 'tacked' with perle cotton and the threads are left long. They are placed on the altar of one of the community churches where the congregation is invited to pray over the quilt and tie a knot with the threads. Each knot represents a single prayer for that person. Some threads have multiple knots in them. The quilts are really never finished, because each person who comes into contact with the owner of the quilt can be invited to pray and tie another knot. Often the recipients of these special gifts are strangers to the group, yet as much love and prayer goes into those gifts as for quilts that end up with friends.
They meet at Denver United Methodist Church each week for quilting, fellowship, and lunch. Yesterday was the day to celebrate the birthday of one of the founding members of the group, Elizabeth. One of the many nice gifts she received in celebration and honor of her special day was this quilt, "Bamboo Dance", from me. She watched as I made it, gushing over every piece of fabric in it, and it finally became evident to me that it had to be her quilt! I finished it in record time to be able to give it to her for her birthday.

Here she is admiring the backside of her quilt.

Here is the prayer quilt made for a friend of ours who recently found out she has breast cancer. She always makes us laugh with her infectious sense of humor and positive attitude. This quilt seemed to have her name all over it:
Isn't it fun? I hope it makes her smile.

I'll be thinking of you while I'm at SAFF this weekend!

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